Lynne – Director

Meet the boss, Lynne has cut hair from Hoole to Barcelona, cobbles to beaches! You won’t find a lady quite like this one! Rest assured you will be well and truly looked after with a shining haircut, a spruce of her favourite aftershave and a good strong coffee! There is no end to Lynne’s passion for barbering and she still has more to give! “Bring on the future”

Likes – Penhaligon’s, Chlo Bo, Beaches, Sunsets and Thunderstorms.

Dislikes – Lycra and Whiskey.

Influences – My first boss Roger Paul, also my sister Alison, she’s my rock.


Ollie – Head of Education

Ollie is king booker, he runs our booking column, he likes to think he’s a Chester celebrity but we all know he’s not! If you don’t see him in Suburbs with a Scooner and a portion of chicken he’s in the hot seat doing his thang. He is a wiz with the clippers picking up English Barber Of The Year and Finishing 1st at the NATIONAL HAIRDRESSING FEDERATION competition for male hair! If you want to book with Ollie download “Booksy” and check his busy schedule. As he says “Get down to skin fade city”

Likes: Everton FC, Anything from the 80’s, Prince, Echo and the Bunnymen, Lilt

Dislikes: LFC, jeans with no rips, crocks, not getting recognised by Rosies bouncers.

Idols: Ian McCulloch, Tony Hibbert, Prince

Instagram – @olliefosterhair

James – Shave Expert

James is our tech geek, he will always greet you with a smile followed by a twist of his moustache. James is very technical and will guarantee a 100% slick finish every time. Not only is he a wiz with the clippers, James is a Level 4 accredited hairdresser so he’s a dab with the ladies too (easy tiger.)

Likes: Art and design, Sherlock Holmes, engineering.

Dislikes: lack of organisation and structure, Donald trump.

Idols: Nikola Tesla, Stephen Fry.

Instagram – @jwbarberandhairstylist


 Scott – Barber

DON’T BEAT ME UP SCOTTY!!! Scotty has found himself right at home here at 47. Everytime you see Scott he will have a different pair of Vans on with a different hat, he’s just that cool right? Scott’s fade game is out of this world and is loving learning new bits to add to his ever growing bundle of knowledge! “LOVING LIFE AT 47”

Likes: Football, LFC, Steins, Vans snapbacks

Dislikes: Tight tees, Manchester United, rain,

Idols: David Beckham

Instagram – @_scott_edwards_


Mel – Barber

Mel is feeling swell! Say hi to Mel, mel has been in the barbering world for over 2 Years now and learned alongside Dan and Ramone. She is keen to learn more about this forever changing industry even if she is the power house of the female barber scene in Chester! So why not come sit in Mel’s chair and have an experience like no other!

Likes: Trainers, Gin, Fried Chicken, Hot Water

Dislikes: Olives, Snapbacks, Cracked iPhone Screens

Idols: Michael Jackson, Scott Ramos ‘Famos’,  J.cole

Instagram – @melbalaba